Breedr operates on both iPhone and Android mobile phones, you can find out how to download the app by searching for those articles. 

Once you've downloaded the app and logged on you'll be able to see the mobile view. We have numbered the components of the page and listed their use below. 

  1. Shows the animal Passport Number
  2. Number of days that animal has been on farm 
  3. Weight at last weighing 
  4. Number of days to 'Peak'
  5. Graph showing weight vs age and predicted future growth 
  6. Is the breed code 
  7. Denotes sex, ♂ Male and ♀ Female
  8. Is age in days of the animal 
  9. Is whether the animal is synced with your farm BCMS records, for more information see this article:
  10. Click to open our easy data capture tool

If you need further assistance, please use the chat window to your right, call our customer support team on 01243 210386 or email support

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