Watch this short video to see how to do this on mobile.

Follow step by step instructions on resetting your password via the mobile app.

  1. Select the reset password option from the login page

  2. Fill in your user email address

3. This will then generate an email link to your inbox. Open the email and click the link to be taken to the reset password page.

4. Add the password of your choice and then click the save button.

5. You can now return to login page and use your user email and password to login

Watch this short video to do this on web and head to the web app login page

If you need to update or change password at anytime, you can edit these details in your settings on the mobile or web app. Please see the guide below to show how.

Need some help? Use the chat window to your right on web or the help button on mobile, call our customer support team on +44 (0) 3300 436327 or email support

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