Step 1 : Download the mobile app and setup your fields and groups

Breedr Livestock mobile app is available for Android or iOS mobile phones or

tablets – click the relevant the app store logo below, to install on your device then login with the Breedr username and password you just created.

Setting up your fields and groups will allow you you to manage your animals in Breedr in the same way you do on farm. Create groups and set target weights of animals, allowing our analytics tool to show you growth performance according to specification.

Step 2: Scan your medicine bottles to fill your cabinet

Breedr's virtual medicine cabinet, will scan and store all your medicines with batch brand and cost details as well as update quantities when you administer meds to your animals.

Step 3: Import your animals and sort them into groups

There are three ways to import your animals (if you use APHIS please follow

option C)

A: We recommend to connect Breedr to your BCMS account

Initially the app will only pull data from BCMS, so you can easily run Breedr alongside your current farm management system with no interference.

B: Scan your passports

Use this method if you are waiting for your Farm Software logins to
arrive from BCMS. Any activity you log against these animals in the app
will update automatically once you connect your account to BCMS

C: Upload a spreadsheet

Use this method if you are importing a file from APHIS or an existing farm
management system e.g. Farmplan or Farm Matters

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