1. To weigh manually, you will need to have downloaded the Breedr mobileapp - if you haven't done this please see a guide here:  http://help.breedr.co/en/articles/3467934-breedr-mobile-app-how-to-download

2. Once logged in to the mobile app, navigate to my animals by selecting the animal icon at the bottom centre of the screen. This will then show you a list of your animals.

3. You can search the animal by entering the full passport number or last 4 or 5 digits from the animal passport number in the search field.

4. Select the animal by clicking on it and then navigate to the pen icon at the bottom right hand of the screen.

5. By clicking the pen icon an option box  will appear on screen and select "Log weight" from the options list.

6. The weight input field will now appear on screen and you can take the reading from your animal scale system and manually type in the weight reading or move the + and -  add or remove kgs.

7. Once you are happy the weight has been entered correctly, hit the "Log weight" button to save your weight data.

8. You will then get a confirmation that the weight has saved and be prompted to select "Back to animal" to view your animal and weight data performance.

If you need further assistance, please use the chat window to your right, call our customer support team on 01243 210286 or email support support@breedr.co

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