Your farm reports are available on the Web app . If there are additional reports you would like we can add these at your request, just let us know via the online chat or email

Once logged in navigate to and click the data icon on the right hand side of the screen, this will then display a list of available reports. 

By clicking the different reports available in the list, the active report name will be highlighted yellow and the data will display on the right hand side of the screen. Each report will show in the form of a summary chart and a data list below it.

Each chart or list can easily be downloaded as a PDF, PNG Image or a .CSV by clicking the 3 dots next to each data module.

When you click the 3 dots, the available report formats will appear in a small box for you to select the format you need.

The required file will then download into your downloads folder and also sit at the bottom left hand of your computer screen, available for you to view further or add to your chosen documentation

When you hover over the charts the relevant data will also appear in a summary data view as shown below.

If you find that some of your data reports are empty, its likely this data for your farm has not yet been added to Breedr. 

Keep your reports as helpful as possible by adding animal activities and weights directly into the Breedr app. You can also add any previous weigh data via the advanced upload tool available in the web app.

If you need further assistance, please use the chat window to your right, call our customer support team on 01243 210286 or email

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