First you need to connect the XR5000 weigh head to the SRS2 or XRS2 stick reader via bluetooth and then pair the XR5000 to your device and then connect the Breedr app via bluetooth.

Follow step-by-step instructions

  1. Turn on XR5000, go to settings and select 'Connections'

2. Turn on your SRS2 / XRS2 stick reader and go to Settings and select Bluetooth

3. Next select "Search for devices" and the XR5000 should appear in the list of devices.

4. Scroll to and select the XR5000 from the list and within a minute or 2 it should connect and SRS2 or XRS2 will show a blue light once it has successfully paired.

5. Next go to Settings on your android device and turn on bluetooth.
Your phone will show a list of available devices to connect with, this should include the XR5000 weigh head.

6. Click on XR5000 to confirm you want to pair to your phone. It may ask for a pairing request code - this is 4 x zero - 0000.

It will now show in your paired devices.

7. Your phone will show as "Available" on the XR5000 device and XRS2/SRS2 will show as "Connected".

7. Select your device and scroll down to Configuration in the sub connections menu 

8. Scroll down and select Output sub menu and select EID, Weight

9. Your XR5000 should now be set up to send data to Breedr in the correct format.

10. Go to the Breedr app home screen dashboard and tap the bluetooth button at the top of your screen. This will show you paired available devices

11. Tap the box to the left of the XR5000 and once it turns green the XR5000 will then be connected to the Breedr app

12. You are now ready to start the crush mode.

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