To access and update your animal activities on the go, you'll need the Breedr mobile app. This is available for Apple iOS and Android devices, just click the relevant button below from your mobile/tablet device to download.

If you haven't registered already, you'll need to click the Get Breedr button and complete our short registration form to create your farm account.

Hit the install button to download and use the mobile app. Your same username and password apply to both the Breedr web and mobile apps.

To add groups to your Breedr farm, go to the My Animals part of the app, click on the yellow plus sign and then click Create group.

Fill in the name of your group and any other details including a target weight and target date. The Type section of this list will change how the predictive weight calculation is measured. (The weight gain of a calf may be very different to breeding stock or cull cows).

Once you're happy with the information added, simply click Save and Continue and the group will be successfully added.

There are two ways of adding animals to your groups, you can either press the ... and Add animals to the group.

Or alternatively, you can return to My Animals, press the pencil logo at the bottom right of the screen and then select the animals you would like to add to the group (select all if you would like to move all animals) followed by Manage.

You will then be able to Add animals to group and select the group of your choice.

Creating fields is a very similar process to creating a group. Again you go to My Animals, press the yellow plus sign and Create a Field.

Fill in the necessary information, including the description of the field so that new farm workers can identify each field easily.

As well as information about the name, size and details of the field, you can also fill out the type of field which the below pasture options.

Once you are happy with the details added, simply press Save and your field will be created.

If you need further assistance, please use the chat window to your right, call our customer support team on 01243 210286 or email

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