These actions can be done whether you have compatible weigh scales or not.

From your home screen, you can either select 'Quick weigh' or 'Manage crush sessions' under the quick actions header.

The 'quick weigh' will take you straight into a crush session whereas managing a crush session gives you the option to setup a session with drafts, see your templates and view your session history.

You are able to draft animals into groups or fields/pens from conditions such as weight, sex and date on farm.

You can create a new group by pressing the plus next to 'Group name' or draft to a current group from the drop down.
Click save when details have been entered.

Then head to the 'Launch session' button at the bottom of the screen.

You can manually search for the animals as they come into the crush by tapping the the 'Tap to search' button.

You are then shown a list of your animals that you can scroll and select or search for by passport number.

You can type part of the passport number/vis into the search bar and the required animal will show up.

Once you've selected your animal, you can type in their weight which will be shown on your scales.

To continue to record more animals, press the arrow to the right. The number 1/1 shows how many animals have been weighed in the session.

If you want to finish your weigh session, press the pause button. This will give you a session summary. You now have the option to 'save and finish' or 'return to session later'. Make sure you save the weigh session on the day of weighing.

It is easy to locate your session if you click 'Return to session later'. Just open the crush app and it will be visible under 'Saved sessions'.

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