At the bottom of the left panel, you will find the Import Data logo, once you have clicked into that section, follow the Custom import (advanced) link at the top right part of the screen.

Select and click the Activity button and then press the forward arrow for the next stage.

Select the relevant CSV document to upload. Click Open. Please note, each set of weights and their corresponding dates should be uploaded separately - i.e if you weighed all animals on 27.11.19 this will be one weight activity upload.

Check this is the correct file and click the arrow to go to the next step.

Make sure you select the correct activity you want to upload data for. For weights select Live Weight.

Click on the drop down options and select the option relevant to your data. Passport number or EID (as long as the animal's EID is linked in your account) are needed to match the data to the animal. The passport number cannot have any gaps in the number.

When you are happy you have selected the relevant heading for your data, click the arrow to upload and your data will be inputted. Please note any columns with IGNORE selected, will not be inputted.

Your data will upload, and any errors will be shown e.g. if the passport number you have put down does not match any of the animal passports in your account.

Once your data has uploaded you can head back to the My Livestock page to see the data in situ.

If you need further assistance, please use the chat window to your right, call our customer support team on 01243 210286 or email support

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