Watch James explain how to connect your Tru-Test EziWeigh 7i and EID readers to the Breedr app:

Follow our step-by-step video guide:

Note: Always fire up the app and load up your animals in a wifi or phone coverage area before you move into an offline zone.

Connect your Tru-Test EziWeigh 7i and EID readers, step-by-step:

Step 1: Connect your EID reader

First turn on your SRS2 or XRS2 EID stick reader. We recommend to connect your EID reader first, as the bluetooth from the weigh head can sometimes block the stick reader.

a) Go to your bluetooth settings on your phone/device. Turn on bluetooth and look for your SRS2/XRS2 stick reader. It should show under 'Other devices' if you haven't connected them before.

The phone may now ask you for a pairing pin code for the stick reader (if pairing for the first time) - the code is usually 0000 (4 x zeros). Enter this when requested.

b) The phone should now say 'Connected' next to the stick reader device and a blue light will appear on the stick reader to confirm that it is connected to a bluetooth device

Step 2: Connect your EziWeigh weigh head

Now you are ready to connect to your Eziweigh 7i.

a) Make sure your Eziweigh 7i is turned on. It should show under 'Other devices' if you haven't connected them before. 

b) Click on 'EziWeigh'. If it asks for a code, this will be 0000 (4 x zero) . It should now say 'Connected'

c) Now log in to your Breedr app and click on the bluetooth icon at the top of your home screen.

d) The devices now need to be connected to the Breedr app. Click on 'Eziweigh' and 'XRS2' to connect the devices and the button on the left will turn green, conforming the devices are successfully connected.

Top Tips 💡

  • Quickstart guide to 7i indicator

  • You only need to pair the indicator and the android device for the first time, once this pairing has been made going forward the indicator will connect directly through the Breedr app.

  • For the SRS2/XRS2 EID stick reader make sure your bluetooth settings is set to Manual Mode: Settings > Bluetooth > Bluetooth > Manual

  • If connecting your EID stick reader for the first time you may be asked to enter a pair code this will be "0000"

  • If your stick reader is new, you may want to check the settings of your EID reader to record EIDs without gaps. This is the "Decimal 2" setting and reads in numbers.

    Settings > Tag Reading > Tag Format > Options > Decimal 2

  • Make sure you are on the latest version of the app, go into the app store on your device and search Breedr Livestock to see if the app requires an update

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