Watch this video below on connecting an EID stick and an android device together.

Or follow the step by step instructions below:

  1. Turn on your SRS2/XRS2 and go to your Bluetooth settings on your phone. Make sure the bluetooth is turned on and look for your SRS2/XRS2 stick reader. It should show under 'Available devices' if you haven't connected them before.

2. Click 'Ok' to pair the devices.

3. It should now say 'Connected'.

4. A blue light will appear on the stick reader to confirm that it is connected to a bluetooth device.

5. Now log in to your Breedr app and click on the Bluetooth icon at the top of your home screen.

6. Click on 'XRS2' to connect.

7. The devices should now be connected and it will be confirmed by a green box.

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