I've forgotten my password, how do I get a new one?

You would have created your user name and password when you registered with Breedr. Your username is your chosen email address and your password would have been your choice of a minimum of 8 characters long.

If you have forgotten your password, a new one can be created via the login page, on mobile or web - just click the "Forgot your password" option.

This will generate a link to your email address which will ask you to follow the  instructions for creating a new password.

I can't find my Farm Settings?

Your farm settings can be located on the web or the mobile app, its here that you can connect to your regulatory system and import your animals.

Log in to the Web App using your username (your registered email) and password and navigate to the Cog Icon on the bottom left of the web app screen, this will open a list of settings, including the Farm Settings

For setting in mobile navigate to the user icon top right of the screen and tap to open the Setting page, next choose Connected systems (you can click these links from your mobile to be taken straight there) to then add your farm software details and connect and import animals from BCMS.

How do I import my animals from BCMS?

Breedr works seamlessly with BCMS to track your animal movements and keep your animal inventory up to date. 

To import your animals from BCMS you will need a Farm Software user ID and password. These are credentials provided by BCMS (the British Cattle Movement Service) and their CTS Online (Cattle Tracing Service) that allows you to connect approved farm software such as Breedr to their system.  

The user ID is 9 numerical digits in this format: 123-345-789, and the password is 7 alphanumeric digits, like this A1B2C34

If you don't have these details, we have a request button in our settings page which sends a request to BCMS from your email. Once requested the User ID and Password normally arrive by email within the next 5-10 days.

If preferable you can contact BCMS on 0345 050 1234 (or 0345 050 3456 if you are in Wales). 

Inform BCMS you have set up an account with Breedr and ask them to email you the Farm Software user ID and password for your holding. This make take a few days to generate and email to you.

Once you have your details follow our guide on how to link and import your animals from BCMS

I'm from Northern Ireland and use APHIS. How does Breedr work for me?

We are working to connect with APHIS for our Northern Ireland farmers as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you can export your herd details from APHIS as a CSV file and upload to Breedr via our APHIS Upload tool. 

Our support team are on hand to help you, so please do send your CSV file to support@breedr.co and ask us to upload animals for you, if this would be easier.

Is my weigh head compatible with Breedr?

Breedrs Crush Mode is designed to streamline your weigh process, allowing you to log weights, draft animals into multiple groups and/or locations and add activities such as medications or treatments as you go.

We connect with digital weigh heads and EID readers in Crush Mode to help speed things up, but can also be used without digital weigh equipment, by tapping in the weights manually. Not only does this save time, as the data goes straight into the system, you'll also see your DLWG and the change in DLWG since the last weight.

If you already have a digital weigh head or EID reader, or are thinking abouit purchasing weigh equipment check out our digital compatibility guide here.

How can I upload weight data that I already have?

Breedr can take your historical animal weight data and add this to existing animals in the platform or use this to aggregate data on animals that are no longer on farm.

To upload weight data or any activity data in file format, you will need to export this data as a .CSV file using Microsoft excel. Once you have the data in CSV format, you can use our Advanced Upload tool available within the web app only, to upload the data quickly and easily.

Our support team are on hand to help you, so please do send your CSV file to support@breedr.co and ask us to upload data for you, if this would be easier.

How can I view and search my animals by name or a number that isn't part of their passport?

We understand that everyone works differently and you may want to identify and search for your animals via a separate Visual ID, that is not related to your animal passport number.

In Breedr your animals can also be tagged with a VID of your choice, the VID will sit below the passport number within the animal view on the web and mobile app and can be used to identify your animals with a name or number that is specific to your farm.

The VID can be uploaded against your animal via the Advanced Upload tool, to do this you just need a CSV file of your passport numbers and the corresponding VID's.

How can I contact the Breedr support team?

The support team are always on hand to help with any queries or assistance you may need. There are 3 ways you can contact us and we look forward to hearing from you.

Chat - when logged into web app, you can click the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen. When logged into the mobile you can click the Help button from the quick actions on the dashboard.

Email - you can drop us an email anytime just send to support@breedr.co

Phone - Our support team are available between 9am and 5:30pm by phone                and can be called for emergencies. Call +44 (0) 3300 436327

Can I use Breedr for Sheep?

Currently Breedr works for your cattle only. We understand how important having all of your animal records in one place is and we are working hard to include Sheep into the Breedr system as quickly as possible.

We will keep you up to date via our newsletter, sign up here 👉 www.breedr.co you can contact us at support@breedr.co to discuss in more detail.

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