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Adding a medicine to your medicine cabinet
Adding a medicine to your medicine cabinet

You can quickly add medicines to your cabinet by scanning the 2D barcode or add manually.

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Our medicine database is taken directly from the NOAH Compendium and list over 500 medicines.

If your 2D bar code is not clear or is smudged, the camera may struggle to recognise the medicine.

If you are trying to scan a medicine with the 2D bar code on a bottle, the bar code will be curved and the camera may struggle to read this, you should have more luck with 2D bar code on the outside packaging.

Please note this example of a 2D bar code. Any other type of barcode will not scan.

Watch this video to see how to add medicines into your cabinet.

Follow step by step instructions on adding medicines to your cabinet.

  1. Press the yellow plus icon at the bottom of the screen

  2. You can add a medicine by scanning the 2D bar code on the packaging (this is not the same as the standard bar code) Click on the camera icon.

3. Put the 2D bar code in front of the camera for it to scan. It may take a few seconds to register. If the camera screen is fuzzy, you may have to move the camera around slowly until it clears. Once it scans, the pack size, batch and expiry will auto fill.

4. If you are unable to scan, you can start by typing the name of the medicine you want to add. You need to type the first 3 letters and you'll then get a drop down of medicines to choose from.

5. Fill in the rest of the medicine information such as date of purchase, bottle/pack size, number of bottles, total volume, batch number, expiry, supplier and cost (optional)

6. Select 'Add to cabinet' and you should see a green banner across the top of the screen to inform you that the medicine was added successfully. You will now have the option to add another medicine or select 'Cancel'.

7. The new medicine will now show in your medicine cabinet.

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