When you join Breedr your account will be available to access on the Breedr web app (available on any modern web browser no software download required) and the Breedr mobile app which is available on Apple iOS 12 and Android 6.0.1. and above devices.

So whats the difference between web app and the mobile app?

Our web app contains the majority of your account settings and all of your detailed performance charts and reports. 

Our mobile app carries your farm in your pocket and allows for logging and viewing of animal activities on the go, including our time saving crush app. As well as organising animals via groups and fields and viewing their individual performance, this is where you access your medicine book for administering and adding medicines on farm.

Web App Functions


  • User Settings for your profile including adding an avatar
  • Security Settings to change your password when logged in
  • Farm Settings to add farm details and import your animals from BCMS
  • User Management to invite your farm team and admin team to your account
  • Sire information so you can log and manage sire details
  • Supplier management to add and manage supplier contacts to trade with Breedr

Data Reports:

We have created a list of detailed animal performance and regulatory reports for your farm, to be viewed and downloaded in the format of your choice.

If there are any additional reports you would like to be available, please contact the support team so we can arrange this for you.

Create Groups and Fields:

Create and manage groups, easily add or delete group names and assign animals
Create fields to mirror your farm, assign and move animals as they move


Send and receive messages to your account users via the Breedr messaging tool.

Mobile App Functions

Log Activities:

  • Treatments such as de-budding, shearing or hoof trims
  • Vet & Med, administer medications and relevant withdrawal days
  • Performance, condition score
  • Breeding, such as PD test, AI, Weaning and more
  • Birth & Death
  • Financial, for any basic animal related cost, purchase or carcass sale
  • Log Notes against animals for lost tags or observations to share with the farm team

Crush Mode:

  • Weigh and draft your animals to a group or field at the crush
  • Link your Tru-test weigh head and EID sticks for a seamless weighing experience
  • Use manually if you don't have either a weigh head or stick reader or both
  • Use crush mode offline, for those limited network areas
  • Pause and restart weigh session at anytime for those predictable interruptions
  • Immediately see DLWG (once you have 2 weights per animal)
  • Automatically save your weigh sessions when online

Groups and Fields

  • Create groups to sort and organise your animals easily
  • Move to group/field by selecting and moving animals individually or in batches


  • Create and receive messages for users on your account


  • Receive requests for livestock availability
  • View requests and associated animal specifications
  • Review and submit animals for sale

    If you need further assistance, please use the chat window to your right, call our customer support team on 01243 210286 or email support support@breedr.co

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