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Medicine Cabinet Feature Guide
Medicine Cabinet Feature Guide

Our guide to your online medicine cabinet and corresponding regulatory reports.

Written by Gabbi Duval
Updated over a week ago

Our Medicine Cabinet, allows you to log all medications and treatments for your animals online, keeping your Vet + Med (VMR) requirements up to date and fully compliant with UK law.

Our medication database is taken from the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) and contains up to 500 different medicines.

What does it do?

Use the Breedr mobile app to record medicines used on the go, whether they are administered by yourself, your farm staff or your vet, all your medication data is stored in one central location and can be accessed by those that need it.

Say goodbye to writing and logging everything by hand, losing track of who has what and when, then struggling to find the details when you need them. Breedr keeps all your data safe in the cloud, with limitless records, backed up by our secure servers, your information will never be lost or misplaced.

Key features:

Medicine Cabinet

  • Scan and log your on farm medications by 2D bar code directly onto your phone

  • Automatically record batch number, quantity and expiry date

  • Administer and log medicines against each animal individually or in groups

  • Automatically recalculate medicine quantities after administering

  • Record disposal dates and methods

  • All meds available for online viewing and download reports

Medicine Book

  • Full passport ID log of medicated animals

  • List of medications and dates administered

  • Record of reasons and observations

  • Track quantity administered and total used

  • Clear list of withdrawal start and end dates and days per animal

  • Medicated animal details stored for online viewing and download reports

How does it work?

Simply scan your medicine pack or bottle bar code using your Breedr mobile app, to record the batch number and medicine name. Manually fill in the pack size and the date purchased to add to your online medicine cabinet and you are ready to go. All this information will then be stored in your medicine cabinet.

When you administer the medicine, your Medicine Cabinet will automatically update to show the contents left in your bottle or pack. The animal view will log the medicine, dosage and withdrawal date for the animal on their timeline and update your Medicine Book report accordingly.

Farm in your pocket

Backed by Breedr, you can carry your farm in your pocket and save precious time to spend on other important things. Supported by our advanced technology solutions to automate and streamline on farm jobs and processes, we are here to help you embrace progressive farming practices at the push of a button.

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