You can log a feed ration to individual animals and via a Group or a specific Field or Pen.

See our short video on how to log a feed ration via the mobile app

Follow these step by step instructions on how to log a feed ration against a group of animals via the mobile app.

  1. Head to My Animals, by clicking the Animal icon on the menu bar along the bottom of the screen.

  2. To add feed for a pre-created group or field/ pen of animals, tap the Groups or Fields heading at the top of the mobile page and then select the Group or Field you want to add feed for.

  3. Once your Group or Field of animals has been selected and opened, tap the Pencil icon for options to select the whole group or selected animals within the group.

3. You can tap the Select all banner to apply feed to the whole group or you can search and select individual animals within the group by searching the last 4 digits of a passport in the search bar and highlighting the grey circle to the right of the animal. green.

4. Once animals are selected tap the Manage button and then tap Log activity from the list of options provided

5. Select the feed activity.

6. Now select Start New Feed Ration

7. You can then choose if you want to Log for the whole group or one by one - this may be relevant if there are slightly different rations for each animal.

8. This will now open a new page where you can start to log the different feed ration elements.

If the feed ration has already started, please click the Calendar in the Activity Date field to add the exact date that the new ration started.

Next select the volume of ration per day, each animal will receive.

Next select fresh weight FW KG or % of animal weight per day (FW) depending on your preference, in order to log the different amounts of ingredients that are combined to create the ration.

Now you can continue to select the different feed elements that form the ration from the available drop down lists from the following headings:

  • Forage

  • Cereals

  • Proteins

  • Compound

  • Other - multi-select option

Once you have added all the elements that form your ration, you have the option to add a Cost Per Tonne of Ration before you save.

9. If you are happy with the information entered click the Save button at the bottom of the page and a confirmation screen will pop up to confirm the information is now saved and prompt you to go back to view your group of animals

Your feed information will now sit on the timeline for each animal in this group.

See our short video on how to add a feed ration via the web app

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