If you have breeding stock but don't have your sire on farm or if you buy in new stock but the sire isn't registered as sire on BCMS, you can document your sires and add them against your new animals.

Adding your Sire

To add your sire information you need to head to settings on either the Breedr web app or mobile app

To do this on the web app - go to uk.breedr.co/login via your computer and use your same login details that you use for the mobile app.

Once logged into the web app, navigate to the left hand menu and select the settings cog. This will then show the settings menu, where you can select the heading Sire Information.

This will open your sire list. To add a new sire tap the plus icon at the top right of the screen.

Now you need to complete the sire information fields, including the sire name and passport number. If your sire is a pedigree and you have the pedigree registration number you can add this too.

Next tap the Add button, to add to your sire list.

To add your Sire to the mobile app - see the short video below:

Logging a New Birth with Sire details

Now your sire is ready to be added when logging a new birth or scanning a new animal on farm via the mobile app.

Simply select the Log Birth or Scan Passport option from the mobile dashboard and select your sire from the SIRE drop down when completing your animal details.

Adding Sire to existing animals

If you already have animals in the system and would like to add their sire details. You do this by editing the animal you wish to add the sire to.

First select the animal you want to add a sire for and open the animal details page. Next tap the plus icon.

And then select the Edit option

You will now see the option to add in your sire against this animal, from the SIRE drop down box.

Finally click Save & Continue to confirm the change.

Sire Report

Once you have your correct sires added to your animals, you can then start to view your SIRE performance in the reporting section in the web app.

Just navigate to the reporting icon and select Sire Performance

This report will tell you the amount of offspring for each sire and below this a more detailed report on the performance of the offspring.

This report becomes more useful as you add weights to the offspring, so their individual performance is tracked.

Sire In and Out for Breeding

If you are breeding and want to log your bull in and out dates - first of all ensure your sire is added to your sire list via the web app.

Next select the females you will be introducing the bull to by putting them into a group and then you can select the whole group or select individuals from the group

If you need further assistance, please use the chat window to your right, call our customer support team on 01243 210286 or email support support@breedr.co

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