These details are different to your BCMS/CTS login and your Government Gateway details.

The username consists of 9 numbers separated by hyphens e.g 123-456-789

The password is a combination of 7 capital letters and numbers e.g AB1C2D3

To request your farm software details, you can go to farm settings in the web app OR Settings on the mobile and select Connected systems and then click on 'Need to request your CTS farm software username and password?

Web app - farm settings

Mobile app - Select settings via user icon and then select connected systems to view and click the farm software request link

Read the information provided and click 'Next'. (follow the same process for mobile)

You can now choose whether you require the username, password or both and then click 'Next'.

The information will be auto filled with the account details you used to sign up with. You may need to adjust the Business name if this isn't the same as your farm name.

Please check all the details are correct and then click 'Next'.

You are now able to download the form and send it directly to BCMS. When you click 'Generate email' it will direct you to the email that is set up on your computer. If you send this from a different email address, please use 'CTS Web service user ID and password request' as the email subject and send it to .


If you need further assistance, please use the chat window to your right, call our customer support team on 01243 210286 or email support

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