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Adding non Noah medicines to your cabinet
Adding non Noah medicines to your cabinet

You can now add medicines that aren't in the NOAH database into your medicine cabinet such as Molemec so your cabinet can be kept up to date

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See our short video on how to add a non Noah medicine to your cabinet

Follow step by step instructions on adding a non Noah medicine to your medicine cabinet via the mobile app.

  1. When in your medicine cabinet, click on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen.

  2. If your medicine is not part of the NOAH database, click 'Not in our database? Add your own'.

  3. You can now add your medicine information. Try and fill in as much information as possible!

If possible you would want to scan the 2D bar code. The best code to scan is on the packaging rather than a bottle. This will make it easier in future as you will be able to scan the medicine rather than filling in all the information. Please note, different pack sizes will need to be entered individually.

Once all the information has been inputted, click 'Add medicine'. You will then see a green banner informing you that the medicine has been added.

Need some help? Use the chat window to your right on web or the help button on mobile, call our customer support team on +44 (0) 3300 436327 or email support

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