Watch this video on logging births with BCMS/ScotMoves

Follow these step by step instructions on logging births with BCMS/ScotMoves

First, you need to go to your farm settings and tick the box 'Send registrations and movements to BCMS'.

You will receive T&C's that need to be accepted, and then click 'Save changes'.

  1. Create the animal in the mobile app. From the home screen, select 'Create animal/birth'.

2. Fill in the animal details. The following must be included, passport number, sex, breed, D.O.B and dam.

3. Once you have completed the first page, there is additional information you can add about the animal, this is optional and can be ignored if required, next click 'Save & Continue'

4. When the animal has successfully been added, you will see a green confirmation screen.

Next, you'll need to log into the Breedr web portal and you will see the animal on the Regulatory Dashboard. It will list all animals that have had movements/births/deaths and will inform if any information needs to be pushed to BCMS/ScotMoves for new animals/movements.

Check the information is correct for your newly logged birth.

Make sure you have entered the passport number correctly, the DOB and sex of the animal.

If any of the information has been entered incorrectly, please inform customer support and we can amend this for you. This must be done before pushing the information to BCMS/ScotMoves

Once you are happy this information is correct select the animal via the tick box on the left and click the 'Approve & Send' button.

The status will then change to 'pending'. It will show as pending for a few minutes and if they don't come back as errors they will have sent, CTS will update tomorrow morning with your new births.

If you notice any incorrect information after the push has been sent, please get in contact with BCMS/ ScotMoves directly.

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