First, you need to go to your farm settings and tick the box 'Send registrations and movements to BCMS'. You will receive T&C's that need to be accepted, and then click 'Save changes'.

From your mobile app, from the home screen click on 'Scan passport'.

You are now able to scan your animals passport to record the "on movement". The barcode that you need to scan is at the bottom of the passport. This should bring across animal details such as passport number, breed, date of birth and gender. Dam & sire will come across when the animal has fully synced with BCMS.

Next, you will see the animal in your web app in the Regulatory Dashboard.

The dashboard will list all animals that have had movements, births or deaths logged within Breedr and will inform you that these movements need to be pushed to BCMS for registering purposes.

Click on the movements that are 'Ready to Approve'.

To push and register these movements to BCMS, first check the information listed is correct.

Once your animals are in the Regulatory page & under the 'Ready to approve' header, you can do the following:

· Abort- Aborting a movement means that the movement will not be sent. The movement will still be recorded in the system, it simply won't be transmitted to the regulator and it will disappear from the list.

· Reject- Rejecting a movement means the movement will be reversed in the system and it will not be transmitted to the regulator's system.

· Approve and send- Approving a movement confirms the movement is correct and transmits it to the regulator's system.

· Change date- Move-on and move-off approvals only. Allows you to change the movement date that will be reported for these movements.

Once you have clicked 'Approve and send', the status of the movement will then show as 'pending'. It will show as pending for a few minutes and if they don't come back with errors they will have successfully been delivered to BCMS.

Your CTS account will update the following morning with your movements. If you notice any incorrect information after the push has been sent, please get in contact with BCMS directly to correct this.

If you need further assistance, please use the chat window to your right, call our customer support team on 01243 210286 or email support

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