Breedr is compatible with the following Tru-Test digital weigh heads and EID readers: XR5000, Ezi Weigh 7, Ezi Weigh 7i and Tru-Test S3 weigh heads. These can be used on their own or with the SRS2, XRS2 EID stick readers or the XRP2 EID Panel reader.

Due to compatibility restrictions for Tru-Test across Android and iOS - please check the compatibility guide below to see if your hardware equipment will work with your existing phone or tablet device and then check out the "How to Connect" videos and guides below:

See our video guide on how to connect your Ezi weigh 7 or 7i and an EID stick reader to your device and to Breedr.

Connecting your Tru-Test XR5000

Click here for connecting your XR5000 and SRS2/XRS2/XRP2 EID readers to Android devices

Connecting your S3

Click here for connecting your S3 to an Android or iOS device.

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