Our team and your account manager is here to help you every step of the way on your first or 50th trip through Trading. Our secure payment flow guarantees that you won't be out of pocket by protecting your money until the animals arrive on your farm and making sure you are paid once you've sold them.

Easy to use

The Trading status bar will show you on web and mobile exactly what step is next and what action you are required to do to move the trade forward. The app will notify you via a push notification when there is an update and you'll also receive an email so you're always up to date.

Once the selling farmer has marked the animals as shipped and the buyer farmer has marked the animals as received the status bar will change to complete. This allows the transfer of animal data from the selling farmer to the buying farmer. Data such as weights and medicine usage will transfer. If the buying farmer is BCMS connected and has opted into do movements these animals will automatically appear on your regulatory dashboard ready for you to approve and send the movement directly onto BCMS.

Your account manager, Mel, Simon, Angharah, Sue and Daniel are on hand to support you at any stage of the process.

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Looking to sell?

Before you create your first trade you will want to add your account details, we will use this to disperse the money to you at the end of the trade so it is important that these are correct. You can do this in the settings page on web and they are only visible to Admins and Managers on your account so make sure you have user permission set correctly.

Once your listing is live you'll receive offers on your listing. You can receive multiple offers and anyone you reject will be able to offer again. Once you've got an offer you're happy with you can accept that offer.

The buyer will be prompted to make payment to Breedr and we'll notify you once we have received payment, this might take a couple of days. Once notified you should dispatch the animals and mark them as dispatched in the app, make sure your check that cattle are tagged in both ears and that you are sending the correct passports for the trade.

Once the seller has marked the animals as received we'll disperse the money less our service fee. If the seller does not mark the animals as received we will investigate using BCMS or a farm visit, rest assured we will ensure your payment is safe until we know we can release it.

Wanting to buy?

Browse Breedr trading on your mobile or web. Once you've found a trade you are interested in you can look at each individual animal in the trade to look at its metrics and previous medical treatments to make a purchasing decision with confidence.

When you have found a listing you want you can make an offer, this offer should reflect the value that you are willing to pay for these animals as you are not able to go back and reoffer once your offer is accepted. At this point you are able to message the seller and find out other information like their exact address and loading facilities.

If your offer is accepted you'll be prompted to make payment to the Breedr bank account, this is a secure account and your money will be not be sent to the seller until you have marked that the animals in the trade have been received. We'll notify the seller that we are holding funds and they should mark the animals as shipped, it is both yours and the sellers responsibility to organise haulage.

Once you've received the animals mark them as received, the data will copy over and the seller will be distrusted the funds. It's important to make sure that you've received the correct animals listed in the trade and the correct passports for them. You have 48 hours to flag any inaccuracies or issues with the animals. Why not weigh them with the crush as they arrive to get a purchase weight?

BCMS and ScotEID movements

Crush Mode

Got questions about trading? Get in touch with the trading team via email Trading@Breedr.co or via phone +44 (0) 3300 436327 or email support support@breedr.co

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