If you're not sure where to start with selecting weigh kit, this guide can help you understand which equipment is best for your system in five easy steps...

You can also watch this short video, in which James summarises all of the information in this guide:

Don't forget you'll get a 20% rebate on weigh kit purchased in the Breedr shop once you import cattle via BCMS or ScotEID to Breedr and weigh your cattle within 90 days on Breedr.

But firstly, what equipment do you need?

To get started weighing on any system, we recommend four main bits of kit:

  • Weigh Scales

  • Weigh Bars

  • EID reader - if using EID

  • Compatible handheld device i.e. phone or tablet

Step 1: Choosing your weigh scales

To get started with weighing we recommend: Tru-Test S3 weigh scale indicator

All of the weigh heads we link with are great in the own right, but by far the easiest to use is the Tru-Test S3. This is Tru-Test's newest weigh head and it links with to both Apple and Android devices with ease.

Get the S3 for just £433.41 in the Breedr shop!

Step 2: Choosing your weigh bars

Choosing the correct weigh bars for your system depends upon:

a. What is the approximate weight of animals to be weighed?

b. How heavy is your crush?

c. What is the width of your crush or race?

Use this table to identify select the correct weigh bars for your system:

600mm crush width

800mm crush width

1115mm crush width

My cattle and crush weigh over 1,000kg each



Tru-Test HD5T weigh bar

My crush weighs over 1,000kg, but my cattle weigh less than 1,000kg


Tru-Test MP 800mm weigh bar

Tru-Test HD5T weigh bar

My cattle and crush weigh under 1,000kg each

Tru-Test MP 600mm weigh bar

Tru-Test MP 800mm weigh bar

Tru-Test HD5T weigh bar

If you don't want to weigh in the crush, you can also buy an aluminium weighing platform which you could put in a race weigh.

Step 3: Choosing your EID reader

You don't have to use EID while using Breedr, but it definitely makes life easier.

If you've got a few hundred cattle, we recommend the Tru-Test SRS2 EID stick reader. It links with the phone, allowing you scan EID's into the Breedr app or you can use it on its own and download the information from it afterwards.

If you have many more cattle, you might consider the Tru-Test XRP2 Panel Reader, this attaches to the crush and reads the EID which comes via bluetooth to your phone or tablet. This means you can weigh completely hands free, allowing you to spend more time looking at your cattle.

Step 4: Make sure your handheld device is compatible

The equipment we have suggested in this guide is compatible with both Android and iOS (Apple) devices. However other hardware are available via the Breedr shop.

But, if you would rather not be getting your phone out when you're handling cattle we recommend the Galaxy Tab8 which costs about £130.

If you already have, or intend to buy, other weighing equipment, you can check compatibility with Breedr using this table:

Step 5: Connecting your weigh kit

Once you've selected the right weigh kit for you, the next step is connecting your hardware and devices to get ready for weighing.

Visit our guide on getting your weigh kit connected:

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