This Spring we’re challenging British beef farmers to help raise £5,000 for testicular cancer!

Every bull you put out with the girls in our FREE app will earn £10 donation to Oddballs Foundation, with an extra 10p added for every bulling/AI/Sire activity logged during May & June.

Get Started logging breeding activities

  • Add a Sire

  • Introduce a Sire

  • Log an AI activity (in Crush Mode or in bulk)

  • Remove a Sire

Step 1: Get Breedr

If you haven't started using Breedr yet, click here to create an account. You can then add your animals using this handy guide and begin logging activities.

Step 2: Add a Sire

Step 3: Introduce a Sire

Step 4: Log an AI Activity in Crush Mode (if applicable)

Step 5: Log Bulk AI Activities (if applicable)

Step 6: Remove a Sire

By completing these activities in the FREE Breedr app you'll be helping us raise £5,000 for OddBalls foundation, and automatically populating your own Breeding KPI report!

Follow us on socials for weekly fundraising totals, and get started with your own KPI Breeding Report below...

What's next?

Now you've started logging breeding activities you'll begin to automatically populate your own Breeding KPI report; saving time, paperwork and hassle!

This report is designed to align with AHDB's Suckler Records and Breeding Plan documents and reviews your breeding performance against a range of industry recognised productivity measures such as:

  • Service period

  • Return to service

  • % scanned +/-ve

  • Calving period

  • & many more!

👇 Visit our handy guide for more info 👇

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