You may have heard the news that for Scotland the Cattle Tracing System (CTS) which currently records all cattle births, deaths, and movements in the UK is in the process of being replaced.

From the 4th October 2021, all cattle births, deaths, and movements in Scotland will require to be reported to ScotEID, rather than the CTS system operated by the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS).

This new service is an extension of the work carried out by ScotEID who operate the ScotMoves system on behalf of Ministers and the cattle industry in Scotland.

Breedr has been working with ScotEID on their replacement system since summer 2019 and we’ll be ready to support movements, births and death registrations via the Breedr app when the new system goes live in October.

We’ll be sending out instructions on how this will work closer to the time. This information will also include instructions for those farmers that have cross border holdings or purchase cattle from across the border to ensure you have all the info you need to manage your movements on the Breedr app.

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