See our video on how to link and import animals into your Breedr account from ScotEID (Scotmoves & ScotMoves+) via the web app

For Scottish cattle keepers, the functions available on CTSOnline will be available on ScotEID, called ‘ScotMoves+’, from the 4th October 2021 and CTS will no longer be available. Breedr will be supporting our Scottish farmers to send both external (ScotMoves+) and internal (ScotMoves) movements via our


If you already have a ScotEID account, you can use your existing username (email) and password, that you use to login to ScotEID to connect your Breedr account, to your ScotEID account. This will then allow you to import your animals and sync them to your Breedr account.

If you don't have a ScotEID account, you can create one on the ScotEID website by clicking this link

Make sure to keep a note of the username and password you create.

See step by step on how to link and import animals into your Breedr account from ScotEID via the web app

  1. Go to settings on the web app, by clicking the cog icon

  2. Select farm settings

  3. Click Edit

4. Make your main holding to be your primary holding, by ticking the Make primary box if this isn't ticked already

5. Next add any additonal sub holdings that you own by clicking the add location button

6. Complete your sub-holding information and click publish

7. Next scroll down the page and tap the "Add new connection" button

8. From the drop down box, select "ScotMoves", in the Username and Password fields add in your username and password you use to log into your ScotEID account, and then from the "Select Location" drop down box, select your primary location and then "Save"

9. Next repeat the "Add new connection" steps for each of your holdings, adding the same username and password each time.

10. Lastly, to turn on your Movements to ScotEID ScotMoves+ for registering external movements and also ScotMoves for registering internal movements, scroll further down the page and tick the "Send registrations and movements to ScotMoves" box and then tap the "Save changes" button.

You are now set to do internal and external movements via Breedr. See our guides below on how to manage external and internal movements

See our video on how send movements to ScotMoves+ (external movements)

The moves ‘external’ to your business, which are; private sale moves, moves to and from shows, and moves relating to the hire of bulls are reported to the new system, ScotMoves+.

See our video on how to send movements to ScotMoves (internal movements)

The moves that are ‘internal’, i.e. within business moves, must continue to be reported to ScotMoves, if you use additional holdings. In Breedr you can add in your main holding and sub holdings and associate them to locations in your account. When you move an animal from one location to another this will generate a local movement for you to approve.


Signing up to ScotEID

  • If I already have a ScotEID account with a username and password, do I need to sign up again?
    No. Please use your existing ScotEID account.

  • Can I sign up to ScotEID and create a ScotEID account now?


  • I have never used ScotEID, how do I sign up for an account?

    Please go to and sign up by following the link Register with ScotEID’ on the home page. Please keep a note of your username and a prompt for the password you have chosen, so you have it to hand for signing on.

    Need some help? Use the chat window to your right on web or the help button on mobile, call our customer support team on +44 (0) 3300 436327 or email support

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