****Please note: Currently Births can only currently be logged via the mobile app***

Logging a Birth and Calving Details

To log a new birth, tap the Log Birth button from the quick actions on the mobile home page and follow the steps below or watch the help video👇

Step-by-step guide:

1. On the mobile app, once logged in on the homepage select 'Log Birth'

2. Search for the dam's passport number and select the correct dam

3. Input the DOB, number of offspring and any stillbirths. If you are creating the individual, press 'finish and create individual'.

Note: Here you can either continue creating the animal by pressing finish and create individual, or create an unidentified animal and add it to a herd (more common when creating sheep).

4. Continue to add the required and additional information.

Note: Passport number, Sex, Breed, Dam, Location and DOB are all mandatory

5. Scroll down the page to add additional information such as Sire, group and calving ease information.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page to add calving ease information by using to buttons and drop-down menus. Once you are happy press 'save and finish'.

7. Once successful you can press finish or view the dam.

8. Following on from step 3, if you chose to create an unidentified animal, press 'Finish & Add to Herd'

9. Select the herd (this needs to be created beforehand).

10. Once successful you can press finish or view the dam.

Condition / Quality score - mobile app

To log the calf condition score, search for the Calf by scrolling your animal list or searching via the last 4 digits of the passport number and follow the steps below or watch the help video👇

  • Tap on the animal once found and open the animal details page

  • Next select the yellow Plus button on the bottom right of the screen

  • Form the new menu that opens select Performance and then Condition Score

  • From the new page that opens check the date is correct and add in the score from 1-5

  • Next save the details and this will save against the animal on their timeline

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