Calve heifers at 2 years old

Calving heifers before 2 years not only produce more calves over the cows lifetime, but reduces the time between generations for faster genetic improvement. Every 1 month delay costs you an additional £43 per heifer!

Easy calving

Smaller calves are less likely to have calving difficulties, with cows requiring less assistance helping them recover faster & achieve a tighter calving interval & spread next season.

  1. Log your births in the Breedr app, recording calving performance and offspring vigour for each birth

    How to log births and calving details

  2. Register births and deaths with BCMS/ScotEID using the Breedr web app (

    How to log and register births with BCMS/ScotEID ScotMoves

  3. Log birth weight using Crush Mode in the Breedr app

    How to log weights in Crush Mode

  4. Log your medicines in Breedr and create annual alerts as per your health plan

    How to administer meds to animal

    How to administer meds to a group/field of animals

    How to create alerts

    Track your progress using the Breeding KPI report in the Breedr Web App (

Click on the link below for a complete guide on how to prepare for calving 👇🏻

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