Optimum Bull & Dam selection

Genetic selection is the most efficient way to improve herd health, fertility and profitability. Choose the Sire whose calves deliver the best DLWG & select heifers born in the 1st 6 weeks of the calving period that have grown well.

Tight calving spread

The more calves born in the first 3 weeks will result in a higher average weaning weight and cow & calf groups will be at the same stage for easier herd management

1. Upload historical animal data & review Sire & Dam performance reports (if applicable)

How to upload historical data

2. Group animals by field & log bulling activities

How to create groups/fields and add animals

3. Log Introduce / Remove Sire & AI

How to log introduce sire and AI

4. Log a Midsummer weight of your cows & calves

How to weigh in Crush Mode

Track your progress using the Breeding KPI report in the Breedr Web App (uk.breedr.co)

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