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Map your farm in moments with Breedr Pro! Track where your animals are and share this information with your team. Our satellite mapping tools allow you to easily create new fields, use the quick swipe functionality to move your animals in bulk.

Watch this video on how to map your farm!

Mapping your farm

Easily view your fields and the animals associated with them, with our new satellite map. You are able to map fields that are all shapes and sizes and colour coordinate as you wish.

Find Maps!

Maps can be found on the mobile. Press the menu button in the bottom right corner where you will find Maps, alongside the medicine cabinet.

Steps to create a field map:

1. Press the yellow plus icon.

2. Select 'New Field' to create a new field and map the area. Or select 'Add to existing' to map the area of a field you have already created.

3. In this example we are adding a map to an existing field. Select the field name from the drop-down box and choose a colour. Press save & draw to continue.

Note: If you choose 'Add field' instead, you will skip to step 4, and start mapping your field straight away, and once you press finish you will then be prompted to fill in the field information.

4. Locate your field from the satellite map, zoom in and out to adjust how much you see of the map.

5. Position the target in the middle of the map on the first point/corner of your field, and press 'add post' when you are ready.

Note: The first post is invisible until you place the second post, and after you place the third post the filled-in shape of the field will start to form.

6. Continue adding posts at each corner or boundary of your field until you have finished. You can press undo if you make a mistake.

7. Once you have finished the last post, and are happy with your map, you can press 'Finish'.

Note: You don't need to join up to the last one, this will happen automatically

8. You will then see your finished field, with the name label and any animals that are associated with the field.

9. You can click on the label to view the field details.

10. You can also move animals in the field to another by swiping left and clicking 'move',

11. Click into the field tile to view more details, and animals in the field.

12. Click the 3 dots in the top right corner to edit field details.

13. Click 'edit field area' to change the map points or delete the field as shown in step 14, you can also edit the field details.

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