Get Started with Breedr

Welcome to Breedr here's how to get set up and ready to go!

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Breedr Basics

How to navigate your Breedr account

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Adding Animals

Learn how to add animals to your account

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Organising Animals

How to organise your animals into manageable groups and locations

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Animal Activities

Manage, log and track your animal activities within Breedr

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Registering births, deaths & movements with BCMS/ScotEID

Link your Breedr account to BCMS CTS and opt in for movements

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Crush Mode

Use Breedr's crush mode to seamlessly sync your weight data off your weigh head

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Medicine Cabinet

Use the Breedr medicine cabinet to accurately and quickly log all your medicine usage for your regulatory record

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Add alerts for reminders to follow up on actions and filter alerts to track animal status as they change

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Trading Cattle

How to trade your cattle with Breedr

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Uploading data

Quickly transfer and upload data in bulk to your account

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Data and Reports

View and understand your data via your reports found on the web app

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Guides to our new sheep feature 🐑

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Map your farm in moments with our geolocation map

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FAQs and Troubleshooting

Common questions and tips

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Account Settings

Add and amend users and settings on your account

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Breedr News

Get up to date

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