IMPORTANT: You will need to visit this external link and download the Tru-Test data linker software .

This 2 minute video guide will take you through the process

The following setups take you through the process step by step. 

1) Plug your Tru-Test Reader into the computer 

2) Open data linker and wait for your Tru-Test Reader to Appear 

3) Click the download information button and save this to your computer

Once it is saved, open your internet browser and go to the Breedr website.

4) Navigate to the animal dashboard page, by click on the cow icon

5) Select the 'Import weight data' button, note you will be unable to create the animals in this screen, if these are new animals you must click on the 'Import Animals' button.

6. Please note the file downloaded from Tru-Test will be an XLS file, please keep it in this format. The file will consist of the below columns and rows, again please do not alter this layout, otherwise this may affect the compatibility of the upload.

7. Select 'Choose File' and find your desired file. 

8. Once you have selected your file click 'Import'; the next step may take sometime if you have lots of information to upload, please do not navigate away from or refresh this page. 

9. Your animals should now be imported, it is a good practice to view 'Show Import Data' and view the information. If it is incorrect, press 'Not the right one? Click here to update'. This is your last opportunity to change the information as once it is in Breedr it cannot be edited.  

Need some help? Use the chat window to your right on web or the help button on mobile, call our customer support team on +44 (0) 3300 436327 or email support

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