Crush Mode screen data elements:

Breedr currently works with Tru-test weigh heads and EID readers to speed up your weigh sessions.

As the hardware links via blue tooth directly to the Breedr app, once connected, you should find your weigh sessions are faster as the weigh head automatically populates a steady weight and stick reader locates the animal and stores the data against it in real time.

  • Weigh and draft animals to multiple groups or locations

  • Create conditions for drafting based on weight, sex and days on farm

  • Update VID and EID as you go

  • Log activities such a meds, treatments and financials as you go

  • Pause session and restart at any time

  • Works offline, just fire up the session online first and save once back online.

If you don't have have a digital weigh head or EID reader, thats fine too - Crush Mode works perfectly well without them - simply tap in the last 4 digits of the passport to locate the animal and then tap in the weight manually to record against the animal.

Video guide to the Crush Mode Screen

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