Once in crush mode you can also add an activity such as a treatment or medication to individual animals as they go through the crush and are being weighed.

1. Load crush mode as usual.

2. When you have added in the weight of an animal you can then tap the plus button to bring up further options.

3. From the list of options you should select "Log activity"

3. From the next screen select the activity you need, such as Vet and Med if you want to add a medication.

4. Next select, Administer medicine

5. This will then bring up the medicine page where you can log the medicine you want to give to your animal.

Complete the date, batch number, medicine name, dosage number and unit, withdrawal days and active ingredients and finally a reason for the medication and then click save and continue.

6. Once you have clicked save and continue the crush screen will appear again and you can move onto the next animal.

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