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How to download reports
How to download reports
Written by Gabbi Duval
Updated over a week ago

All your data reports can be found in the Breedr web app: - navigate to the zigzag arrow icon on the left hand of the screen.

At the top right corner of each report there are three dots.

Click on these dots to show the download options

You now have the option to click 'Download'.

There is a selection of file types to download your report as. Select the file type that you need. If you are trying to download or print a carcass report, we recommend a PDF or Image!

To print reports, you will need to download them first into your desired format. Then print them from your computer.

Need some help? Use the chat window to your right on web or the help button on mobile, call our customer support team on +44 (0) 3300 436327 or email support

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