Watch this video on adding EIDs/ VIDs during crush mode.

Follow these step by step instructions on adding EIDs/VIDs during crush mode

1. Once you have selected 'Setup session' click on the plus icon to add an activity.

2. Then select 'Update VID/EID'

3. Here you can update the VID from the last digits of the passport number.

4. You are able to adjust the number of digits from the end of the passport number that you use. Then click 'Launch session'.

5. Once in the crush you can select the animal by clicking on 'waiting to scan'.

6. Select the animal either by scrolling down the page or typing the end of the passport number.

7. Once you've selected the animal, the VID will automatically fill and you are now able to scan the EID tag with your compatible stick. The EID number will come across to your screen.

8. Then click 'Save'.

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