General questions

What is the cost of liveweight trading?

Whilst we are testing trading Breedr is liveweight trading is free, once that is complete the Breedr service fee is 3% of the total value of the trade and is payable by the seller, this covers the payment protection and your personal account manager who is able to help you during the process.

What happens if an animal is injured during transport?

It is a requirement that all parties involved in the trade carry accidental damage cover for animals in transport, check with your chosen haulier before you load the animals to make sure this is case.

The other party is trying to take the trade outside of the platform

When the seller creates a trade or the buyer an account you agree that adverts found within Breedr are to be bought on the platform, you are not covered by the protection of our conditions of sale and you are at risk of not being paid if you take negotiations offline.

When will the animal data be sent to the purchaser?

The buyer is able to see a synopsis of the animal data when the animal is listed. The complete animal data but not financial data moves across when the animals are marked as received.

For Sellers

How do I know I'm going to get paid for the animals that I'm selling?

We won't prompt you to release the animals until we have the buyers money in our bank account, you'll receive a notification when we know that your money is safely secured.

Can you help me find buyers for my animals?

Yes we can! We'll share your trade on our website, social media channels and your account manager will assist you in finding buyers and if needed making up full loads with our trades near you. The more data about weights and treatments you have against your trades the more likely you animals are to sell!

What kind of photos should I add?

Animal data is great for understanding the true value of animals but images are also important to the success of your listing. Try and get photos from the front and side, make sure they are well lit and if you have a group of animals try and include a group photo as well as an individual shot.

For Buyers

How do I know the animals that I am buying are real animals?

Only animals that come from farms that are connected to BCMS in Breedr can be added to listings in trading. We know they are real animals so you are able to purchase safe in the knowledge.

How do I know that I'm going to receive the animals I've paid for?

We won't release funds to the seller until you have indicated the animals have arrived on your holding, we are able to monitor BCMS for movements and our account managers are on hand to assist you if there is a delay or an issue in delivery.

The animals I've bought are not as advertised, what do I do?

You are covered by our Conditions of Sale and we will investigate this for you. Please email with details of the issue, the numbers of animals affected and the trade number. Your account manager will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Got questions about trading? Get in touch with the trading team via email or via phone +44 (0) 3300 436327 or email support

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