From the home screen, open the Crush Mode and select 'Setup Session'.

Select 'Add draft'

You are now able to draft into a group or location and you are able to add conditions such as weight by adding the lowest and highest weights applicable for that group, sex and date on farm.

The groups or locations need to be pre-created in the fields or groups section of the mobile app, so they are selectable for drafting into.

You are able to draft into up to 6 groups/locations and add conditions for the drafting.

Once you have selected your groups, select 'Launch session'.

Either scan your EID stick or select waiting to scan to search for the animal by the tag number. The weight will come across from the weigh head if it's linked via bluetooth or you can manually type it in.

If the weight is over the weight condition for one of the groups, it will be drafted into the relevant group.

You can also override the drafting by clicking on a group shown at the bottom of the screen that you want the animal to move to. E.g this animal at 635kg had drafted into the 'Heavy heifers' group but you could click on the 'Stock bulls' group to move it to this group instead.

Once you have finished weighing and drafting, you can tap the pause button and then select the Save session option.

All your sessions will be saved for further perusal under the Saved sessions heading, found at the bottom of the screen when you open Crush mode.

If you need further assistance, please use the chat window to your right, call our customer support team on 01243 210286 or email support

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