Logging a Birth

You can log a birth, birth weight and condition score using the mobile app

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****Please note: Currently Births can only currently be logged via the mobile app***

If you are connected to BCMS or ScotEID and have movements turned on within your account, you'll also be able to register your births as a second step - see guide links at the bottom of the page.

Logging a Birth

Step-by-step guide:

1. On the mobile app, once logged in on the homepage select 'Log Birth'

2. Next you'll be prompted to select the DAM of the calf - search by the Passport number or scroll down the list of females, then select the correct dam by tapping it.

3. Now use the calendar to select the correct birth date, then add the number of calves birthed and if there were any still born animals, then tap 'Finish and create individuals'.

If you don't have any specific calf info, you can choose to finish and add 1 to herd and this will be an unidentified animal until you add any further animal info - see step 8 below.

4. Next fill in the passport number, any VIDs or EIDS, the sex, breed and another opportunity to check/amend the DOB

5. Next you can add in the Sire info - if you haven't added your sires to the platform, separately, this drop down will be blank. If you have added sires already you can select the relevant sire from your list. See adding sires for more info on this.

You can then allocate your calf to a pre-created location and/or group.

6. The next set of information is not mandatory but is recommended to get better birthing insights. Continue to complete the birth performance information, such as presentation, size, difficulty, vigour and weight.

Finally hit save and finish.

7. When you have successfully saved the birth, you'll get a green tick to confirm and a success notification across the top of the screen.

8. If you don't have your animal details (passport, sex, breed etc), and decide to select finish and add to herd, this will allow you to add an unidentified animal to any of your groups, to then come back and add the info later.

9. Select the herd you want to add the unidentified animal to

10. The tap finish to successfully save the unidentified animal

Calves with full animal info and birth performance details logged against them, can be view in the Breeding KPI report for further analysis.

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